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How do I send crypto?

With World App, you can easily send crypto to anyone else in the world.



1. To begin, navigate to the Wallet tab.

2. Then press the Send button.

3. You'll then need to select a contact who also has World App. To proceed, you'll have to turn on the Contacts permission on your phone in order to select a contact. If your designated receiver is not in your send list, go ahead and invite them. You may also use the search bar to find a contact, or enter a wallet address for the specific crypto.


Please note that you can only send crypto to a corresponding wallet that is also on the Optimism network. For example: Sending WBTC to another WBTC wallet on the Optimism network.

4. On the next page, select the asset you wish to send.


5. Then enter a specific amount by entering it into the number pad.



6. Carefully review your transaction details on the next screen.



7. If everything looks good, press and hold the Hold to Send button. Once sent, your transaction will appear in your wallet within 30 seconds.



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