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How do I back up my account?

You can easily back up your account by setting up an iCloud or Google Drive backup. Follow the instructions below to set up/change your backup password:


1. Select Wallet in the menu bar.

2. Then select the Gear icon in the top corner of your screen.

3. Enter your Account settings.


4. Select iCloud/Google Drive backup.


5. In the Account Backup section, choose between Back up in Drive (Android) or iCloud (iOS). You might need to Sign In with Google or iCloud first.


6. Then enter in a password and confirm it to back up your account. Select Next to finalize. The password allows you to decrypt the backup which will be stored on your private cloud in an encrypted manner.


You have now successfully created a password and backed up your account. You can now use this password to recover your World App wallet.


Please remember to not lose or forget your password. You will need your password/back up in order to recover your account.


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