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Where can I follow Worldcoin?

Around-the-clock live support is available within your World App under Settings > Support. Please default to submitting inquiries to Support within the app. But if you post a comment on social media, please be aware that only the following are real Worldcoin and Tools For Humanity accounts:


X (Formerly Twitter)




@tfh_technology (Tools for Humanity)


If you feel you have been the victim of fraud by someone claiming to be affiliated with Worldcoin or TFH, please report this immediately - Twitter Safety & Security.



Worldcoin Company Page



Worldcoin Discord


As a standard practice, legitimate projects will not DM you directly. Consider turning off the DM setting to avoid these types of attacks.



Worldcoin Facebook Page








Please note that our official Worldcoin YouTube channel is not currently verified. However, the link above directs you to our one and only YouTube channel.




Please beware of scams targeting Wordcoin users, such as fraudulent payment bots and giveaway schemes.


For more information please check our support page How can I stay safe on Discord and other social media sites?


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