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Why am I not receiving my WLD grant after claiming?

If you are not seeing your grant in your wallet, try closing and reopening World App. It usually takes a few minutes for the grants to appear (up to 24 hours).

If you claimed your WLD grant but the status of the transaction is still processing, please double check your receiving address on the Optimism network here:

You will see the blockchain record and it will display if your grant has been received. During new grant days, it may take up to 24 hours for your grant transaction to complete.

If you see the incoming WLD grant blockchain record but World App does not reflect the same balance, rest assured that is just a display issue. It may take a while for the transaction to appear in your World App.

Our team may also be working on fixing a temporary issue and have paused grant claims. But don't worry, you'll still receive your grant once the maintenance is done. Please check the status page for the latest updates.

Keep in mind that you can only receive WLD grants 24 hours after your account has been connected and verified by an Orb.


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