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How do I deposit USDC.e?


To deposit USDC:

1. Select Wallet in the bottom menu bar.

2. Press the Digital Dollars card.

3. Under your USDC Balance press the Deposit button.

4. Here you have several options of where you can add cash from. These options may vary depending on your region:


Crypto - An Optimism wallet or exchange

If you select Crypto, you'll have to copy your Worldcoin address and paste it as you make a deposit from one of your crypto wallets or exchanges on the Optimism network.

1. Copy your Worldcoin address.

2. Start a transfer in your wallet or exchange.

3. Make sure to select the Optimism network. This is important in order to receive your deposit.

4. Paste in your Optimism address and the amount you wish to deposit.


Card or Bank - A bank account

1. If you select bank account, you'll be asked to enter the amount you’d like to deposit.


2. When you Continue, you'll be taken to the Checkout page where a partner provider will help you make your transaction securely. Keep note what which provider you're using to make the deposit, in case you encounter issues and need assistance later. If you forget which provider you used, you can always go through the process again to see which provider pops up for you. 


Create an account if necessary and follow the instructions. Make sure to input the correct card or bank information to avoid a failed deposit.


3. If everything is correct, your previously entered amount will be successfully deposited into your wallet.



Keep in mind that transactions will show up in your wallet within 30 seconds.


If you're having issues receiving your funds, check your bank to make sure you haven't triggered a fraud prevention mechanism.


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