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How do I withdraw USDC.e to certain wallets?

When withdrawing USDC, you have the option to withdraw from a Optimism wallet.

After selecting Crypto from the withdraw options, you'll be provided with a list of exchanges and wallets. Go ahead and choose your preferred wallet. Below are a couple of wallet examples.



1. Go to your Metamask wallet and make sure you are on the Optimism Mainnet.


2. Tap on the network name to add a network. Select Add network and choose Optimism.



3. Select USD Coin on the list. If you don't see USD Coin, select Import Tokens and find USDC to import.


4. Tap on Receive and carefully copy the address and paste it in World App.



Coinbase Wallet

1. Go to your Coinbase Wallet and tap Receive.


2. Select your Ethereum address which supports Optimism.


3. Copy the address and paste it in World App.


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