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How do I find a Worldcoin Orb near me?


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To find a Worldcoin Orb, download the World App and continue with the verification process to have the option to find an Orb close to you.


You can also locate an Orb by:

1. Accessing the Settings page. Then select Find an Orb.

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2. On the Find an Orb page, you can view a list of Orb locations near you. Make sure to enable locations in your app settings to properly use this feature.

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3. Select on the location that you'd like to visit to view the address, hours, and availabilities. You can also schedule an appointment at certain locations.

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We understand that there might not be any Orbs in your area yet. However, we are constantly expanding our network, and we will have more Orbs around the world in the future.


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