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Why does World App use Optimism?

Wallets, such as those in World App, require integration with a blockchain network for efficient asset transfers. These networks exhibit variations in several crucial aspects, including:

Transaction Speed: How quickly do transactions settle?
Transaction Cost: What are the fees associated with transactions?
Network Size: How large is the user base on the network?
Application Ecosystem: What are the available options for user interaction within the network?
Network Governance: Who oversees and controls the network?
Accessibility: How easy is it to enter and exit the network with funds?
Asset Support: What types of assets are compatible and can be utilized?
Security: How robust and secure is the network?

Considering these factors, the Optimism network has been chosen as the ideal fit for Worldcoin. Optimism leverages the Ethereum network, ensuring enhanced security and mitigating the risk of attacks. Additionally, transaction state and finality benefit from the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, promoting trust and reliability—two essential qualities for any blockchain network.

To safeguard your assets, it is crucial to restrict withdrawals and deposits to other Optimism-compatible exchanges or wallets when using your World App wallet. Failure to do so may result in the potential loss of your assets since the network compatibility is limited to Optimism.


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