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How do I restore my account?

Please note: World App does not have access to your password or your private keys. 

In order to recover your password, you had to have done the following when you previously set up your account:

  • Add your phone number to the app.
  • Enable your cloud backup.


1. First, select that you want to restore your account from a backup.



2. Then choose how you'd like to restore from the list provided.

Backup type.png


3. If you backed up your account before, they'll appear for you to select. If the backup exists locally, your account should be restored.

Multiple backups.png


4. If not, you'll have the option to enter in the password to your account.

Enter password.png


5. If you enter your password correctly, then your account should be restored. Unfortunately this is the only way to restore your wallet connected to your account at this time.



If you didn't add your phone number or enable your cloud backup, then it is not possible to recover your account. However, in the future, we plan to enable a feature to obtain a new World ID through Orb verification.


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