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What is USDC.e, and why can't I see my transferred USDC reflected in my wallet?

World App is currently supporting USDC.e, a bridged version of the native USDC token on the Optimism network. USDC.e is not the same as native USDC. Because of this, you'll need to be extra careful when you deposit native USDC to your World App wallet or withdraw USDC.e to a centralized exchange.

USDC contract address: 0x0b2C639c533813f4Aa9D7837CAf62653d097Ff85
USDC.e contract address: 0x7f5c764cbc14f9669b88837ca1490cca17c31607


You will not be able to view your native USDC token that you have deposited in your World App wallet at this time. However, they should still exist within your account. You can doublecheck their existence by searching for your wallet address on Optimism Explorer.

We are working to support the native USDC token on World App in the future so that deposited native USDC will be reflected in your wallet. Until then, please keep in mind that USDC.e and the native USDC are different tokens.


Depending on the centralized exchange that you have withdrawn to, you may not see your USDC.e credited at the destination.

If the exchange you withdrew to supports a token recovery process, please reach out to their support to check if they can revert the transaction back to your source address (World App wallet address).

If you sent USDC.e to Binance, please refer to our Support Article on how to retrieve your funds.

If the exchange will not allow you to recover your USDC.e, then feel free to reach out to our Support team with an attached screenshot of the failed token recovery process attempt, and we will see what we can do.


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