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Why does it sometimes take a while to receive my transaction (or grant)?

It may take up to 24 hours to receive your grant in your World App wallet.


The completion time of your transaction depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Network conditions
  • Gas prices at withdrawal time
  • The status of World App


Network Conditions

If a flood of transactions is submitted at a certain time (such as a new grant day), then there's a chance for the network to become congested. Network congestion can either slow down or even fail certain transactions. You don't need to worry about losing failed transactions since they are always returned to the sender.

If you are trying to buy/sell crypto during a network congestion and you receive an error, please try again in a few hours. If you are trying to send funds, you can easily check on the status of your transaction by selecting on the specific transaction from your Activity page and opening the Details. If the on-chain transaction page appears blank, it means that your transaction has yet to be broadcasted to the Optimism network.


Gas Prices
In general for blockchain networks, if you set a low fee in your transaction, and it's lower than the current minimum fee (base fee), your transaction won't go through until the fee drops. During this time, it might seem like your transaction is "stuck" and not moving forward. However, your funds are safe, but you might need to readjust the fee or wait for fees to drop to get it processed.


World App Status

World App may encounter occasional issues resulting in certain features, such as claiming grants and transferring funds, to be temporarily unavailable. To stay informed about the status of World App and its specific features, you can visit our dedicated status page. By accessing our status page, you can obtain real-time updates on any ongoing service disruptions or maintenance activities. This will help you stay informed about the current operational status of World App.


Whatever the case may be, you can always check on your transaction receiving address on the Optimism network.


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