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What should I expect when getting my World ID verified?

Signing up for a World App account and getting verified by an Orb is a fast and easy process that will only take a couple of minutes. Before going to an Orb location, it's best to be prepared on what to expect in order to have a seamless and secure signup experience.


What should I prepare or be aware of before going to an Orb location?

  • Make sure to bring your phone and that it is sufficiently charged to complete the signup process.
  • Be on time. You will not be able to verify before or after your appointment slot.
  • Make sure to show up at the correct appointment location.
  • Do not wear contact lenses. If you're wearing glasses, you'll need to briefly remove them during the verification process.
  • Wear no or minimal makeup. Some makeup may reflect light and make it difficult for the Orb to image process.
  • Operators at the Orb site should never:
    • Handle your phone. Never allow strangers to handle your phone as well!
    • Ask for money, cryptocurrency, or gifts.
    • Ask for personal information such as a phone number or email address.
    • Offer anything, including money, in exchange for your crypto.
  • If an Operator performs any of the above (or you have any other security concerns) please report it immediately and cease interacting with them. In your app, go to Setting, Support where you can submit a ticket about the incident. Review our help center article on how to stay safe with your World App account.
  • Be aware of scams and how to avoid them. Please review our help center article on how to avoid scams.



Where do I find my QR code to show to the Orb?

When verifying your World ID with an Orb, you'll need to have your QR code ready to scan.

1. Once at the Orb location, head to the World ID tab on your World App.

00 signup IMG_0012.png


2. And select the Verify your World ID icon at the top of your screen, which should take you to a signup page. Tap I'm with an Orb to start the process of obtaining a verified World ID.

01 signup IMG_0014.png

You can also go to Settings and Finish Setup in order to Verify your World ID.


3. Review the page to learn more about the Orb. Then select Get a new World ID when you're ready.

1 sign up Instructions.png


4. Then in order to Continue, you'll need to review the World ID terms and select all of the options on the World ID terms screen. Please note, you must be able to prove that you are 18+ years old in order to verify.

Make sure you review all of the information carefully before moving forward.


5. Your own QR code should then load on the next screen. When the Orb and Operator are ready, be sure to properly show your QR to the Orb.

3 signup Step 01.png



Why isn't my QR code scanning?

If you're having trouble scanning your QR code, please take note of the following best practices:

  • Up the brightness on your device's screen. Most of the time, QR codes won't scan if the screen brightness isn't high enough.
  • Position the QR code so that it is not in direct sunlight. You want to make sure that there are no reflections on any screens that will prevent the QR code from being read.
  • Do not zoom in on your QR code. The entire QR code should be visible, including a bit of the white around the edges.



What are best practices when showing my face to the Orb?

After successfully showing your QR code, the Orb will begin image processing your irises to verify that you are indeed an unique human being. This should only take a minute, and you'll be able to see the progress light up around the Orb's screen. In order to make sure the process goes smoothly:

  • Remove any glasses you may have.
  • Open your eyes as wide as you can. Try tucking in your chin and looking up at the Orb's black screen. This will naturally open up your eyes a bit more and make your irises more visible for the Orb.
  • Make sure not to look away from the Orb's screen. Looking away during image processing will reset the Orb's tracking.
  • Keep your head and body still during the scanning process.



What can I do after verifying my World ID?

Once you've verified your World ID, you'll be able to claim free shares of Worldcoin. Keep in mind that there is a 24 hour cooldown period before you can claim your Welcome Grant. After that, you'll be able to claim grants as they become available on your grant day.


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