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How do I delete my iris code?

Iris Codes are a string of letters and numbers that are unique to every user that verifies through an Orb. While Orbs translate images into iris codes, iris codes cannot be reverse translated back into original images. With the iris codes, Orbs are able to compare data in order to confirm uniqueness and humanness of users and successfully verify their World IDs.

While there's no way to track an iris code to an individual, there may be users who still wish to delete their iris code and World ID.

Please note: Deleting your World ID will prevent you from being able to prove your humanness online, which means you'll no longer be able to use World App to its fullest potential.

To delete your iris code and World ID:


If you still have access to your account:

1. Head to Settings and select Security & Privacy.

Screenshot_20240611_103334_World App.jpg

2. Scroll down to find Unverify your World ID.

3. Review the information and check the box that you understand the action cannot be undone.

Screenshot_20240611_103342_World App.jpg


4. Follow through by selecting the Unverify my World ID button.


If you’ve lost access to your account:

Unfortunately, if you've lost access to your account, you won’t be able to delete your iris code or unverify your World ID at this time. This is because there is no way to verify you are the account owner to prevent unauthorized data deletion.


Once you submit the request to delete your World ID and iris code, your encrypted iris code will be deleted within 6 months, and you will no longer be able to utilize your World ID and claim grants in World App.


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