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(EU, Argentina, & Chile Only) How do I withdraw WLD to a bank account using a third-party provider?

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Depending on your location, when performing a withdrawal to your bank account, you will be redirected to a third-party provider which will process your transaction.


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Some of the third-party providers include AlfredPay, Manteca, Unlimit, and Ramp Network. During the transaction, the entire process is managed solely by that third-party partner.




For Manteca

The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 WLD per transaction.

The maximum withdrawal amount is 50 WLD per transaction.


For AlfredPay

The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 WLD per transaction.

The maximum withdrawal amount is 5 WLD per transaction.


Important: AlfredPay may request to complete a KYC process for transactions above 5 WLD. Make sure to provide accurate information during the signup process.


Off-ramp providers may charge a fee to process withdrawals. This fee is entirely up to the ramp provider, not World App.



Steps to perform WLD withdrawals via off-ramp providers:

1. From the Wallet page ($), tap on Withdraw.

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2. Select Worldcoin.

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3. Then tap on Bank.

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4. Fill in the amount that you'd like to withdraw. You will see an amount that's available to withdraw.

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5. After confirming, you’ll be redirected to the off-ramp provider withdrawal flow on an external website.

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This process is handled entirely by the third-party provider and World App, the Worldcoin Foundation, or TFH do not hold any responsibility.


6. Once complete, you will see the conversion preview. Continue to follow the off-ramp provider flow.


Please make sure to record which off-ramp provider performed your withdrawal. You can find the specific logo on the conversion preview page.


7. After filling in the email address and accepting the conversion rate preview, confirm the withdrawal to initiate the transaction.

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Since the process is entirely handled by the third-party provider available to you, once the funds are sent out of WorldApp, World App does not have the ability to track the status of your transaction or offer updates about your account within the third-party application.

For support, please reach out to the third-party provider directly.


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